Capabilities & Equipment


click to view Takisawa Tool Room Lathe, 32" Between Centers (Engine Lathe)
click to view Tong-IL Lathe, 12" Chuck 21"x62" (26 Engine Lathe)

CNC Turning

click to view Hyundai - Kia SKT 15, High Speed Lathe (6000 RPM), Equipped With 6" Chuck
click to view Proto Trak TRL 1840 CSS, Equipped With 10" Chuck
click to view Okuma & Howa ACT-5L, Equipped With 15" Chuck, 32" Between Centers
click to view Miltronics ML 26, Equipped With 12" Chuck, 48" Between Centers
JET-GL 25 Secondary Lathe
click to view Super Kia Turn 21 LMS, 10" Chuck, Equipped With 5" Sub Spindle, Limited Milling Capability


click to view Bridgeport Series II Special, Equipped With Proto Trak Edge-Control

Capabilities & Equipment

  • machine shop capabilities and equipment Learn about our capabilities and the equipment we employ

Sample Outputs (Parts)

  • machine shop sample outputs View gallery showing outputs and parts we have produced

Quality Assurance

  • machine shop quality assurance Learn about our regimen for quality assurance

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